2022 Training Guidelines and Regulations

1. Consecrate yourself to the Lord and to the training for four days.
2. Sanctify the entire four days of training and avoid being occupied with any persons, things, or situations that may distract you from your focus.
3. Be poor in spirit and pure in heart to receive light, life-supply and perfecting.
4. Keep all training schedules. Attend all meetings punctually. Do not be tardy nor leave early. 
5. All trainees are required to be at their seats 5 minutes before the start time of the meeting, exercising their spirit to pray and to sing. 
6. No eating and drinking during the meetings.
7. No separate conversations during the meetings. Focus on the message being given.
8. Those who turn on the camera should blur the background.
9. Proper apparel which befits the saints is required for all trainees.
10. Exercise the spirit to receive the message and to prophesy after the message
11. Pray much for yourself and for all your co-trainees to receive  the word with eagerness, understanding, and obedience. 
12. Be ready to review and pursue with others the training materials after the event.