1) Registration by Locality

Registration is done per locality. Please contact the serving ones in your locality to register. For the responsible ones in each locality, please download the registration form from here: 2021 Chinese-speaking Perfecting Training Registration Form, and after filling in which please send to Please use the church payment link to submit payment by locality followed by sending an email to AND, stating the purpose (2021 NA-CSW summer perfecting training), amount and your locality.

Checks for the Perfecting Training registration payment can be mailed to :

Church in Anaheim
P. O. Box 8583
Anaheim, CA 92812

Please note on the check: Registration fee for the Chinese-speaking Perfecting Training

For individuals who don't belong to a locality, please refer to the section below for individual registration.


Training Related David Chou 714-350-2851
Wenchen Liu 919-395-1805
Southern CA East Valley Clement Chang 909-720-5208
West Valley Issac Kuo 626-246-5051
Inland Samuel Liu 909-618-4909
South County Gen Qu 520-245-4679
North County Raymond Teng 469-648-8381
Los Angeles Hongchang Lin 310-904-3483
South Bay Jerry Chi 562-650-1168
Northern CA Wenchen Liu 919-395-1805
Northwest Daniel Lim 206-919-4849
Michael Lu 206-696-2543
Mountain Minyi Hsu 480-272-3580
Central Midwest Livingstone Song 773-225-8515
South Central Richard Wang 972-693-5353
John Long 806-283-6443
East Northeast Henry Chang 617-331-2396
MidAtlantic Peter Yu 609-933-5098
Livingstone Wu 732-718-8793
Caleb Chen 732-754-5261
Canada Southeast David Dai 919-749-5450
West Wison Chern 604-617-2088
East James Kao 647-613-4720

2) Registration by individuals

Individual saints who don't belong to a locality can register using below form. After submitting the form, you can use this PayPal link to submit the registration fee. Please click "Use this donation for" and select "Chinese-speaking Summer Perfecting Training" when donating. Before clicking "Donate Now" to submit the donation, please add a note stating the name as per registration.